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Art appreciation

Essay on Art appreciation. Paper must be at least 250 words. ating the strategy, foundations, and styles of Jackson Pollock, can one start to appreciate the sheer peculiarity of Pollocks work that makes it so amazing.Pollock’s compositions reflect a profound certainty. Pollock appeared to paint for nobody but himself, a thought that he enunciated when he uttered, “Painting is self revelation. Each great artist paints what he is”. In his depictions, Pollock communicated his own feelings and painted precisely the way he wished, disregarding the impacts of popular culture, faultfinders, or negative remarks. Pollock was ready to go for risks in his specialty, ignoring the limits of specialized experimentation, as he produced his own remarkable style.Pollocks sketches are many-sided, profoundly complex, and intriguing. Huge numbers of them are excellent. The sheer size of them can be amazing. However, what makes Pollocks work so noteworthy is that he made a set of depictions that are hard to copy or imitate. They were progressive at the time Pollock made them, yet they are still generally as radical and extraordinary today. Jackson Pollock put much exertion and thought into his sketches, so every stream of paint was laid on the canvas with reason, a thinking that maybe just he caught on. This thing makes Pollocks compositions so precious today.I suppose there are some positive trends in the 21st century that were not in the 16th century art. For instance, the new advanced technology has played a bigger role in transforming art into postmodernism. The artist in the 21st century is improving art in terms of appearance due to the high technology.I am both disappointed and surprised about the 21st art. This is because the present art has been manipulated by the ever-growing use of technology hence artists are not talented nut just imposing themselves for material gain. However, there some improved features in the current art that were absent in the artistic works.The current art is not as interesting as compare to the

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