Art experiences

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Before we dive into our textbook Gateways to Art, let’s talk about art experiences. Some of you might think you have zero experience with art, and that is totally okay. This course will serve as a gateway to experiencing art.  (By the way, I remember telling a friend of mine in college that I have absolutely no knowledge about art! I was a French major. I began to notice art when I lived in France for a year and had opportunities to visit many, many museums.)On the other hand, some of you might be art lovers, museum members, or patrons. For you, this course will help refine your knowledge of art.In the following discussion, let’s  share our art experiences. If you think you have absolutely no art experiences, I am going to ask you to think again. Do you play video games? Watch tv series or films? Consume advertisements?  All of these forms involve visual elements and most likely involve artists, designers, photographers, etc. for production. Right?For full points include two items:One example of your art experience. This could be from the perspective of an artist or as an art patron or as a consumer of art.  (50 points)Upload an image of your experience from #1: This can be a photo you took at a museum. Or it can be a downloaded image of, for example, a picture you like, an album cover, instagram screenshot etc. (40 points)Thoughtful response to another student’s entry on discussion board. (10 points)Chapter: Art as Experience Overview and Lecture

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