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You will prepare and submit a term paper on ARTICLE CRITIQUES. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Running Head: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Article Critique: Hazardous Materials Introduction of Article The article on hazardous materials covers important information about the subject matter. It serves as an eye opener for readers who are not familiar with hazardous materials, as well as provide vital information for those who may be involved with potentially hazardous materials. It serves well as a starting point for further information gathering or research into hazardous materials. It provides a definition of materials considered as hazardous and introduces the reader to various laws and the related regulating bodies concerned with hazardous materials. Another aspect covered by the article is sources of information for the recognition of potential threats arising from hazardous materials. These include location and site occupancy. placards, labels and other markings on mode of transportation, buildings and containers. as well as information about the physical and chemical properties. All these information provide HAZMAT professionals with knowledge and guidance in the handling of hazardous materials and in responding to HAZMAT incidents. Finally, the article tackles personal protective equipment or PPE’s which help reduce risks from hazardous materials encountered by HAZMAT professionals. Implications for the Emergency Responder All the initial information provided in the article should be well-known to the emergency responder of incidents involving hazardous materials. Moreover, all the inputs provided by the article should be further studied by individuals who deal with these materials. Lack of appropriate knowledge about hazardous materials not only run the risk of exacerbating the incident but also fatal risks for the HAZMAT professionals. They should be well-versed in the laws and regulations concerning such materials to be able to prevent untoward incidents. Emergency responders should also be able to recognize the presence of these materials and must know how to safely handle them. Additionally, in responding to emergency situations involving hazardous materials, HAZMAT professionals should be equipped with appropriate PPEs and should be well-trained in their use. Key PointsThe key points presented by the article are:laws and regulations covering hazardous materials,sources of information for the recognition of hazardous materialspersonal protective equipment to be used by HAZMAT professionals when handling hazardous materials.The article provides an introduction to laws, regulations and regulating bodies concerned with hazardous materials. It gives examples of regulating bodies such as the EPA, OSHA, DOT, NFPA. as well as examples of regulation such as SARA-EPCRA, HAZWOPER, and NFPA standards. Even from the examples presented, the reader is made to realize that many entities are concerned with safety as related to hazardous materials. Although the examples are not explained at length, mere mention provide the interested reader with a take-off point for further research.In a similar manner, the article also provides sources of information for the recognition of hazardous materials and potential threats, as well as introductory information regarding PPEs. It identifies some professional organizations such as the ICC, BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI for placards, labels and markings for hazardous materials. It also very briefly touches on the roles of the DOT, the NFPA, the military, OSHA, NRC and CHEMTREC. SummaryOn the overall, the article provides very valuable introductory information about hazardous materials, which should be very useful albeit confusing to the HAZMAT professional. In this author’s opinion the article is an eye-opener for cursory readers, as well as a good source of introductory information for those interested in hazardous materials, as well as those who may want to start a career as HAZMAT professionals.ReferencesCase Resource, Ebsco DatabaseOffice of Hazardous Materials Safety. (2009). Retrieved 25 May 2009 from (2009). Hazardous Materials. Retrieved 25 May 2009 from

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