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Article/Video Evaluation

Suggested Guidelines for Article/Video EvaluationThe Written Comments: These instructions are intended to provide some generalguidelines to you and to clarify a few minor points in order for the evaluation to smoothlyachieve a common goal (to evaluate several aspects of the article/video and to makerecommendations pertaining to its applicability).Your review of the article needs to address the following points:A. A Summary: Provide a summary of the major points discussed in the article/video.You need to provide a complete summary so the reader(s) will be able to have a goodunderstanding of the article/video.B. Evaluation:-Relevance and Applicability to a Practicing International Business/MarketingManager?-Helpfulness to you in understanding the Information (i.e., in having a betterunderstanding of the application of International Business Strategy concepts andterms) as written in the article/shown in the video.In addition, if there are weaknesses in the article/video, try to provide some specificrecommendations and explain your reasoning as clearly as you can so that theprofessor will understand your position. Warranty Planning and Development Framework: A Case Study of aHigh-Tech Multinational Firm”, Oumlil, JBIM, 2008.Klehm III, H., & Roseman, J. S. (2010). Ten questions every director shouldask about FCPA compliance. Corporate Governance Advisor, 18(6), 29-34.

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