Artifacts for the projects

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

After reviewing the requirements for Project 1 and Project 2 (see attached sheet), propose two or three artifacts that you are considering using as a basis for your projects.Consider the following questions before stating your selections. You do not need to answer all of these questions, but they may guide you in choosing potential artifacts and providing a rationale for your choices.In your thinking about the disciplines of the humanities (visual arts, literature, philosophy, and the performing arts), is there are piece of art, music, architecture, or literature that you would be interested in learning more about?Is there an object associated with one of the cultures you belong to that is particularly meaningful to you? Is the artifact created or worked on by a human being? (If you answered no, it is not an artifact.)Does it have a primarily functional or practical purpose? (If you answered yes, it is not an artifact.)Does it embody the creative expression of ideas? (If you answered yes, it is an artifact. If you answered no, it is not an artifact.)Identify two to three artifacts you are interested in studying for Project 1. In two to three sentences, provide a rationale for choosing the artifacts as potential options for your project.

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