Ashima’s pregnancy experience

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 2 page essay on the topic Ashima’s pregnancy experience.Therefore, Ashimas’s first pregnancy brings her significant outcomes in order to give a birth. She feels abnormal to raise a child in a foreign country. She is concerned by her first experience in the hospital, and she feels discomfort because of her family members’ absence during her pregnancy.Ashima is worried by the fact that she is going to raise a child far away from her parents. It is extremely difficult for her to give birth, and raise a child in a strange country where she knows almost nothing. Therefore, she feels lonely and more worried than anything else. Even though becoming a mother brings her satisfaction in her life just like her ancestry, “she is terrified to raise a child in a country where she is related to no one, where she knows so little, where life seems so tentative and spare” (Lahiri p.6).Ashima is also concerned with giving birth in the hospital because she has a different belief from where she hails. The fact that she is going to deliver a child where people experience extreme difficulties makes her unhappy. She thinks that giving birth in a hospital is an unnecessary experience a woman should never undergo. She reasons that women in India feel more comfortable giving birth in their parents’ house than in the hospital. For instance, she mentions, “there is nothing to comfort her in the off-white tiles of the floor, the off-white panels of the ceiling, the white sheets tucked tightly into the bed” (Lahiri p.4). For these reasons, Ashima feels strange giving birth in the hospital.Ashima feels discomfort since she lacks relatives who can support her during her pregnancy. Being pregnant in a strange country without her mother’s and grandmother’s support is the most difficult part for Ashima. She feels that she misses the most important people in her life. She has a different feeling due to the absence of her relatives during her baby’s birth. Furthermore, the birth of her baby brings her

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