Aspects of e-commerce business solutions

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 11 pages thesis on the topic aspects of e-commerce business solutions. The four basic technological trends that have led to a change in the technological environment within and outside an organization are as follows: – The doubling of computer power every 18 months, which we also refer to as the Moores Law. – Advancement in data storage and research techniques. – Advancement in the field of telecommunication. – The Internet. The Need for these premises in the modern day organization is as follows: – Business Transformation: this includes a class of services aimed at carrying out relevant research and applying the interpretation of the data emanating from the same in order to transform the company and render exponential growth to its operational effectiveness. – Systems and technology consultancy: this includes working with private as well as public companies and corporations to source and provide information regarding financial services, energy, government and public services, manufacturing and telecommunications, among many others, so as to promote the scope for strategic partnerships between the public and private corporations for a better information base that will help all aspects of a business. – The world has shrunk to a small speck called E-commerce, where it is now possible to exchange goods and money in the form of normal transactions. Shopping on the Internet or online shopping as it is more popularly known is that form of shopping that has almost emptied shopping malls in various parts of the world. For success in this kind of trading and information, it is important to stimulate the customer or end user in ways that will be different from normal marketing. (Nemetz, 2002) For example, it is not possible for a customer to feel the fabric of the shirt he is about to buy from an online trader. So what is it that is supposed to draw him? Similarly, the housewife cannot smell the coffee beans that she is being offered on an online grocery store – so how does she know it will be something that she will relish every morning? These are the questions that are often asked in the arena of the Internet and E-Commerce. In this regard, all the answers point towards specific simulation application that may be used and categorized as aids in online shopping.

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