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Assessment instrument in diversity

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Assessment instrument in diversity. On the other hand, Pre-employment Assessment gives the company an idea or a glimpse on the nature of the person that they are about to hire. All if not majority of companies are using pre-employment assessment to prevent hiring mistakes and losing their money down the drain. In a survey of recent college graduates,95% said they would be willing to make a false statement in their résumés in order to get a job. Forty-one percent admitted they had already done so, according to a report in Nations Business (Profiles International, 2010).Now let us compare and contrast the two forms of assessment. Both gives a glimpse on the personal and professional performance of a certain individual. It shows the individual’s strength and weaknesses. The difference of career exploration assessment from the Pre-employment assessment is the purpose of the assessment. The purpose of the career exploration assessment is to give the individual a glimpse on what kind of career would suit his or her personality and skills. It was taken by the individual himself/herself through self-efficacy – usually for his/her own professional growth and career choice. While the Pre-employment was given by the company to the individual who wants to be a part of that profession. The purpose of this assessment is to let the company have a glimpse whether the individual that they are about to hire has the skills, personality, and attitude needed for the job. Two issues that may be encountered in using a career exploration assessment are: it’s fairness in a multi-cultural setting and it’s validity and reliability. First, is it’s fair when we look in the light of a multi-cultural setting? What is the assurance that the questionnaires that is being used gathered the same kind of data no matter what the culture of a certain test taker is? Would the result be true across culture? Secondly, is it’s validity and reliability. There are times when the test

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