Assessment of Reconstruction

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Homework Help

Qs.1 In 1865, the former Confederate general Robert Richardson remarked that “the emancipated slaves own nothing, because nothing but freedom has been given to them.” Explain whether this would be an accurate assessment of Reconstruction twelve years later.

Qs.2 The women’s movement split into two separate national organizations impart because the Fifteenth Amendment did not give women the vote. Explain why the two groups split

Qs.3 In what sense did the Reconstruction amendments mark a second founding of the United States?

Qs.4 What is birthright citizenship, and why is it important?

Qs.5 How did Black families, churches, schools, and other institutions contribute to the development of

African-American culture and political activism in this period?

Qs.6 Why did ownership of land and control of labor become major points of contention between former slaves and whites in the South?

Qs.7 By what methods did southern whites seek to limit African-American civil rights and liberties? How did the federal government respond?

Qs.8 How did the failure of land reform and continued poverty lead to new forms of servitude for both Blacks and whites?

Qs.9 What caused the confrontation between President Johnson and Congress over Reconstruction policies?

Qs. 10 What national issues and attitudes combined to bring an end to Reconstruction by 1877?

Qs.11 By 1877, how did the condition of former slaves in the United States compare with that of freed people around the globe?

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