Asset Allocation

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Part IV – Asset Allocation, Applied. You have a traditional IRA with $500,000 in it. You expect to add $800 to it each month from here until you retire (30 years from now). Decide how you are going to allocate the funds you have and the funds you will contribute in the future. Write up a description/justification of this decision and compute what your total costs will be (both one time costs, and recurring). You can invest in any securities available within an IRA, including stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, bonds, bond funds, options, and any other asset you can access through a brokerage account (i.e., it is available as an option on E-trade). You can short or buy on the margin if you want. Also choose a brokerage account to manage your IRA and look up the fees associated with it.Helpful resources you may want to consider:     How much money you will put in each selection now, and how much you plan to put in each asset in the future. Since the contribution amounts are known, give these amounts in dollars. Be sure to provide the name of each asset and an identifier (like a ticker) that I could use to look it up.

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