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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Assignment is starting clearly the manner in which the payment is to be done, and it has the name of the person paying and that of the payee and it has got the sign of the person promising to pay the money. That is Richard Bell paying Lorry Motors (Singh, 2005).This is the case that requires the application of the principles under agency. Conville is acting in the capacity of an agent of Hughesville Manufacturing Corp., and she needs to quote the name of the principal whenever she is dealing on principal’s behalf. When she failed to include the name of the principal means that she is liable for any damages for her actions (Gregory & Reuschlein, 2001).An agreement entered into by Mr. Zucchini and Henry involves the sale of goods law. The agreement bases on misrepresentation where the Garden Farm Equipment sold the tractor to Zucchini based on false information discovered by the profession i.e. the mechanic. The deal is, therefore, void and cannot be enforced in a law court, and if Henry goes to court, Zucchini will be declared not liable and, therefore, no payments for Henry and pay damages caused to Zucchini (McKendrick and Gullifer, 2000).Peralta, E. B., & Aquino, T. B. (2009). Handbook on summary and small claims procedure and bouncing checks law: with notes on ejectment and Katarungang Pambarangay law. Manila, Philippines: Rex Book

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