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Audience analysis and reception

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses audience analysis and reception. Audience Analysis and Reception First of all, I should be aware of the seniority of the management I am presenting my report to, so I must not use any slang or careless words in the letter. My language should be proper and official, as I should be aware of the rules of writing business English. The report should be reader-friendly, which means that there should be no complex phrasing and jargon of sentences. My words should not be gender-specific. If the audience is already familiar with the topic of the report, I must not present unnecessary details. The report must be divided into appropriate sections with suitable headings, so as to ensure clarity. Also, since the audience is the management of the workplace, I must also keep in mind that my report should be concise and to-the-point, since the management would not have enough to time to spare and read a lengthy report with more hanky-panky and less real content. The report should reflect the overall impression of the organization. The most important things to consider while writing a formal report are its tone, structure, and length. However, other audience needs include their age and educational level. I must not present complex, technical information to non-technical audience. To go into some more detail, a formal report must contain some or all of these structural components, keeping in view that the management is going to judge me on the basis of the report I present to them. I must give proper consideration to the front matter, the body of the report, and the back matter. The front matter includes a little information about the addressee, the executive summary of the report, the title page, table of contents, and lists of figures and tables. The body of the report should include introduction to the report, the discussion of findings and results, and the conclusion. The back matter must contain the appendix, references, and glossary. This is how I should format my report when I have to present it to the management, keeping in view the needs of the audience. It is also important to discuss here the risks of not considering the audience’s needs. The main risk is that the management will consider me as an irresponsible individual, with no sense of how to deal with seniors. Although the management already knows my educational and professional background, yet they will expect me to prove myself after I have become an employee with their organization. My overall impression as an employee will get destroyed in case I present a report that is void of audience awareness. My chances of getting benefits or promotion will be diminished. This will, eventually, lead to workplace stress for me, leading to disturbed workplace relationships. (The word count limit as prescribed by the customer has been reached.

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