Background on Road Network System

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Background on Road Network System. It can be viewed that the average number of heavy vehicles sales (including trucks) for commercial use in the country as compared to other vehicles is less (HSBC, 2013). Correspondingly, roads or roadways are also important in New Zealand.

In the present day context, the roads network of the country spread around 94,301 kilometres that encompass provincial roads, urban roads and streets among them (2Trading Economics, 2013). The country spends around $5 billion for every three years period to maintain its roadways and infrastructure (New Zealand Transport Agency, 2013). These roads of New Zealand have a huge number of heavy commercial vehicles including trucks that operates in almost similar number as compared to other vehicles (Jewell et. al., 2007). Apart from these countries, a few of the developing along with the developed nations of the world also possess significant road networks. These nations are India (4,109,592 km), China (3,860,823 km) and Australia (817,089 km). The government of these nations also invests a considerable amount of money in maintenance of these road networks (e.g. India around 35,000 Crores per annum) (3Trading Economics, 2013. 4Trading Economics, 2013. Dutta, 2011). The aforesaid concerned aspects can be better understood with the help of the following pictorial illustrations.

Road deterioration is one of the most vital points of concern for transport authorities in various nations of the world. There are several crucial factors that lead towards the deterioration of roads, among which the role of overloading trucks, tyre pressure and effects of axle loads are considerable. In Saudi Arabia, the impacts of overloading trucks on roads are quite unfavourable. In this regard, a recent case depicts that the new highway Al-Asyah & 8217 in the country has been affected considerably by overloading trucks (Al-Awadh, 2007). Apart from this, a recent report also depicted that repletion of load on the axle and tyre pressures are also crucial drivers that imposed unfavourable impact on the performance of roads in Saudi Arabia (Mubaraki, 2010).

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