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Barriers Excluded Groups Face

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Barriers Excluded Groups Face. In most cases, people with disabilities may have barriers to participation in some aspects as they have activity limitations or some forms of impairments (Schumm and Stoltzfus, 2011, p. 94). However, dynamics in their living environment including perceptions of people who live among them, the constructed environment as well as the manner in which social institutions have been framed may also function as obstacles to participation The people with disabilities have a lower likelihood of getting employment compared to other people in the wider population while at the same time getting lower incomes forcing them to rely on the people who care for them (Grosh, 2008, p. 345). Personal networks have become important in terms of supporting the integration of people who live with disabilities into the broader community. Studies and anecdotal evidence from various areas have suggested that particular communities have a lower likelihood of participating in recreation activities in comparison to the other members of the community (Jarvis, 2009, p. 92). Additionally, a lot of attention has been focused on coming up with projects that will inspire participation but there have been fewer efforts to identify the people who exclude themselves (Awortwi, 2012, p. 89)Numerous major barriers affect the people who are part of underrepresented and excluded groups especially those with disabilities. This includes challenges with the transport system since there is a general lack of regular and public transportation services, especially in rural areas (DeVault, 2008, p. 90). This poses problems for individuals who are affected by limited mobility in terms of accessing various forms of transportation such as taxis and buses. The people with disabilities also have to deal with issues of attitude as barriers to their participation and it is clear that some providers including parents and caregivers have negative attitudes towards some of the people with disabilities along with other people who are considered to belong to excluded groups.

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