Based on theories

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Question 1  Many people claim that science is “just” based on theories, and that since theories can change, science shouldn’t be considered stable. How could you prove that science is stable and valid? Scientific knowledge is durable and reliable because it is rigorously tested and revised, and changes only when evidence warrants a change. Science is based on direct and indirect evidence observed by people who are not biased. Scientific knowledge is durable and reliable because scientists who make discoveries are always experts in their fields of study. a and bQuestion 2Which of following statements is true about scientific knowledge? Scientific ideas are not subject to change, and so knowledge stays the same. Scientific knowledge is constantly evolving as new observations are made. While scientific knowledge increases over time, old knowledge never changes. Theories can change frequently, but scientific knowledge is absolute.Question 3Which of the following is an example of pure research? Creating new elements to study their properties Producing plastics that are heat-resistant to use in ovens Determining how to reduce rusting on metal ships and cargo carriers Finding alternatives to gasoline to fuel transportation vehiclesQuestion 4When scientists serve in advisory roles to society, they must Be careful to present only objective facts Insert personal political views into the advice Place their own moral views above the needs of society Ignore the needs of the environment and focus only on making moneyQuestion 5If the flame of a Bunsen burner should accidentally go out, a student should immediately run over to the teacher and inform him/her. TRUE FALSEQuestion 6If a student spills a small amount of chemical on his/her hands, he/she should immediately: Wait until after lab to clean his/her hands; since it is only a small amount, it is nothing to worry about.Throw baking soda on it to neutralize it. Throw baking soda on it to neutralize it.Dry his/her hands with paper towels and proceed with the rest of the experiment.Keep his/her hands under running water for 15 minutes and notify the teacher or a fellow student immediately.Question 7In terms of eye safety in the lab: Students do not need to wear safety goggles if they already have prescription glasses on. Students need to wear safety goggles at all times, regardless if they have prescription glasses or not. Students only need to wear safety goggles if they do not have their own prescription glasses or if they have contacts. Goggles only need to be worn if the chemicals used in a lab are liquids or solutions.Question 8Use the triple beam balance to measure only masses. TRUEFALSEQuestion 9When measuring the volume of a liquid, it is most accurate to read the top of the meniscus. TRUEFALSEQuestion 10To ensure reliability of lab measurements and results, you should: have the same person make the measurements in repeated trials. allow different members of a lab group to make the measurements in repeated trials. use the same lab method, but with different chemicals in repeated trials. allow each member of a lab group to make a single measurement, then combine the measurements at the end of the lab.Question 11To accurately measure the volume of a typical liquid in a graduated cylinder, what should you do? look at the bottom part of the meniscus look at the top part of the meniscus average the top and bottom parts of the meniscus ignore the meniscus and determine which mL line the liquid is closest to

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