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Becoming a positive force in any situation

Lift: becoming a positive force in any situation There are many forces akin to the gravitational pull that keep us down. To pull ourselves up we need to generate a force that is opposite, but more than the earth’s pull. This force is known as the ‘lift’. As physics and aero dynamics are used to lift a plane off the ground, similarly we can use the realms of social sciences to force ourselves off the ground and reach out for the sky. As Quinn and Quinn tell us, “we can also use the socio-psychological force of lift to move ourselves and others up to greater heights of achievement, integrity, learning, and love…”(Quinn and Quinn, 3). This, as the authors tell us, will have to be our conscious choice. We will have to decide whether we want to be with the force that drags us down into the gloomy depths, or we want to be with the force that lifts us to the sky, “All of us have a choice: we can choose to be the kind of people…”(Quinn and Quinn, 220). The authors put in four questions to their readers to understand the concept of ‘lift’. By answering these questions and applying them to their lives, they can uplift themselves, and those that surround them. Thus, the book mainly talks about the positives forces that help us to break from the shackles that bind us to our mundane and commonplace daily existence. Sometimes we prefer our own comfort zones and become self-centered and fatalistic, and avoid reaching out for the forces that would lift us up from these very dregs. Therefore, to get the ‘lift’ we have to make a conscious effort ourselves. This book introduces the reader to four questions that they can use to find a positive effect on their lives and also explains the science that works behind these questions.

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