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Behavior of water

Basic Projectile Math , Gears & Levers , Behavior of Water at 1 atm ( ten answers 1 .( Projectile Math ) A battleship maneuvers to within 2. 49 km of an island’s 1. 79 km high mountain peak . It fires aprojectile at an enemy ship which is 61.1 meters on the other side of the island’s peak ( as illustrated in thefigure ) . The battleship’s big gun is able to fire projectiles with an initial velocity of 243 m /s . If the ship fires theprojectile at an initial angle of 71.0′ above the horizontal water surface ,A) How many meters from the enemy ship does the projectile land ? AndB ) By how many meters does the projectile clear the peak ?`1790 m2480 TO -2 .Oil mNote : Figure to not draws to scale( Gear Ratios ) In a two-gear torque multiplier , a small gear of diameter 5. Ocm drives a large gear of diameterunits of RPM .30 . Ocm . If the small wheel turns at 150 rad / sec , at what rate of rotation does the big wheel turn ? Answer in3 .( Levers ) If 15 . Oft long " first class" lever is used to move a heavy one-hundred lbf stone , and you place the|4 .fulcrum 3. 0 ft from the rock , what force ( in 16f ) must be applied to the other end of the lever to move the rock ?( Water ) A 0 . 200 kg block of ice at – 20. 0′ C will have to be raised to O. O’C before it can begin to melt . What is the5 .heat energy in kilojoules required for this task ?( Water ) A 0 . 200 kg block of ice initially at 0. 0’C entirely melts into liquid form . How much energy in kilojoules isrequired to melt the full block of ice ?6 .( Water ) 0 . 200 kg of liquid water is contained in a beaker at 0. 0′ C . The water will absorb heat in its liquid stateuntil it reaches 100. 0’C. How much heat energy in kilojoules is this beaker of liquid water able to absorb ?"ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS7 .( Mechanical Advantage ) Your military Hummer small transport vehicle is stuck in a mud hole with a deadbattery . This is not your best day . But remembering your engineering studies , you manually pull out the wenchcable and secure it tautly around a large tree 12 yards ( about 1 1m ) from the vehicle , and you pull on it sidewaysat the midpoint as in the figure . Calculate the pounds-force that the cable is exerting on the car when you havepulled the cable to an angle of only 3.50 by exerting a force of only 381 N ( about 85 16f ) and the stuck vehicle has381 N 3 . 5%- 11 191 -not moved yet . Answer in units of pounds-force .8 .( Water) Fire is a dangerous event on an oil tanker because of the very high BTU energy released when crude oilburns . Burning one gallon of crude oil releases 138, 000 BTU of heat energy . Water-dowsing , fire safety vessels.can deliver great sums of liquid water 20. 0’C to a burning vessel .Calculate the A ) MASS ( short tons ) and B ) VOLUME ( U. S. 8all of this store of liquid water it would take to absorb*the heat energy contained is one thousand gallons of crude oil . Let the water-temperature range for water -dowsing process be + 20. 0 0C < T< + 300. 0 0C.NOTE : specific heat capacities and latent heats for waterCice = 2. 090 *9: 0 0L fusion = 334 ~`Cwater = 4 . 186 }8:0 0L. vaporization = 2256 *_

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