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Being part of a sports team

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: What are the positive MENTAL effects (improved mental/brain functions i.e. increased intelligence, awareness, etc.) associated with, or that arise from, being part of a sports team in competition. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Where before smokers would project an image of machismo, nowadays, smokers are kept at bay with the prevalence of smoking areas, which – quite notably so – are becoming lesser by the day. Regular alcohol drinkers are also now looked upon with dismay, unlike their glamorous contemporaries 3 to 5 years ago.These days, going to the gym or having a physical activity of some sort is no longer uncommon, anent is even encouraged. Where before, gyms were only popular among the rich, or those who could afford the membership fees, now, anybody can take his/her pick and have a workout anywhere he/she likes. Annual sports competitions like bowling, badminton, basketball and volleyball are but some of the more productive venues where companies promote sportsmanship, vis-à-vis camaraderie, among their staff.Advertising seems to play a major role in the changing perception of the majority. Unlike before, emphasis is now placed on the ill-effects of a vice/s to an individual’s physique, and with this transparency, the heads up as to whether a vice will be adopted or rejected is left to the consumer.In the same manner, the acceptable image of what is “sexy” or not is also glorified in ads. Open a magazine and what do you see? Full page ads of scantily-clad hunks and girls in seductive poses. Walk around the mall or simply drive along the highway and what do the billboards depict? Ladies in two-piece bikinis with their pouting lips, and gentlemen in skimpy trunks and their six-pack abs. Such images present a boxed-type representation of where one should fit in. With the regularity and increasing popularity of fitness programs on all types of media including the internet, it’s no wonder that everyone, especially the youth are now too conscious to a fault as to how he/she should look, dress up, act and interact with friends.

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