Belatedly Nineteenth Century in Literature

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

An Aristocratic Society in the Belatedly Nineteenth Century in Literature. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Exceeding a decade later, Doctor Leete, who was organizing the location for the building of a novel laboratory, finds out Julian¬ís underground chamber. Julian at that time had not gotten old even for a single day since he was and has always been in a condition of balanced animation. Doctor Leete revitalizes him and carries him to his place of residence. Julian rapidly realizes that twentieth-century civilization is greatly different from that he used to reside in the nineteenth century. The market is centered on publicly owned resources as contrasting to the private, as was the mode of life in Julian’s heydays. The administration controls the ways of production and splits the national merchandise equally among all citizens. Every national attains and is provided with knowledge up-to a college-level. Persons are provided with an enormous deal of liberty in preferring a career, and everybody retreats at the maturity of forty-five. Civilization is centered on a superlative of the society of man, and it is absurd that any person should endure the evils of dearth or hunger. By means of Doctor Leete’s assistance, Julian appears to appreciate and be grateful for the twentieth-century civilization. In the meantime, Julian deciphers that Doctor Leete’s spawn, Edith is related to Edith Bartlett as her great-granddaughter. Julian and Edith turn out to be affianced, something that Doctor Leete’s is pleased about. Julian has an awful nightmare, in that in his sleep he imagines that his twentieth-century haulage was nothing other than a dream. He discovers himself ensnared again in the unkind and inhumane of the nineteenth-century humankind.

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