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Bench mark assessment

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Bench mark assessment.The heritage assessment tool identifies other factors such as family relations, place of origin and religion. In this regard, the tool exposes key issues that affect health in unknown capacities. Applying health assessment tool is an intelligent measure that enables health experts identify silent factors that affect health.Effective health policies can be devised from the results of the heritage assessment tools. From the tool, experts have a chance to access data that can trace historical health issues in the family. The point implies that health professionals can interpret various issues from the data that is given by the families. The different types of information in the tool, for example, commitment to religion, gives a clue to the health experts on which health threats a family might suffer or be suffering (World Health Organization). In this regard, effective control measures can be designed to protect them and how practitioners approach their health related problems.As the assessment results show, the most common health traditions include eating ethnic foods, engaging in religious activities and engaging in ethnic activities. Health is considered a combination of spiritual, mind and body well-being. Thus, understanding these issues and their effect on the health is the first step in ensuring a healthy community (Hollins 2009). All the issues positively identify a diverse health situation in a population.The families exposed a unique preference to ethnic foods. The families explained that at ethnic food from their background is art of their meals. In this regard, it is imperative to evaluate the nature of the consumed foods to ascertain the suitability for sustaining good health. The two families, with Asian and Caribbean origins, showed a tight relationship and preference to continue consuming ethnic foods. The cultural considerations in diet are critical in determining

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