Benjamin franklin

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Benjamin franklin.The website is published by the Independence Hall Association (IHA) which is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia. All their sites are copyrighted and they give historical details of famous people and facts of history. Through this website they have projected Franklin’s struggles in early life and how he managed to get into the printing business. His endeavor and experiments as a scientist have also been portrayed apart from his interest in politics. He not only served the United States while living there but even for 18 years he lived in England as a colonial representative. This demonstrates his loyalty to his nation. The websites concentrates on the international fame that electricity and lightning brought to Franklin. This is basically a quick biography and the intended audience is high school students or first timers who are not much aware about Franklin. The website gives information that England was far ahead of America during that period although corruption in politics and royal circles in England did disturb him. America had strained relations even with France and Franklin was responsible for the Treaty of Paris.The second website has collected details from the Encyclopedia Britannica. This website highlights Franklin as a person, an individual, as a child, his youth, his successes and achievements and his dedication to public service. This site also highlights critics of Franklin, his contemporaries who thought he was a fraud. His early life has been mentioned but no details of his struggles as in the previous website have been given. This website also highlights him as a philanthropist who founded academies and societies for the benefit of the society. He had an early start in politics and this website gives more details of his political involvement in England. The intended audience would be the casual readers or high school children to familiarize themselves with the life and times of Franklin. The purpose of this

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