Bibl 104 Quiz 1

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Bibl 104 Quiz 1Question 1 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to the readings the Old Testament canon was completed after the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 2 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to Fee and Stuart’s analysis God is the hero of all biblical narratives.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 3 3 out of 3 pointsWhat percentage of the literary genre in the Old Testament is narrative?AnswerSelected Answer:   Question 4 0 out of 3 pointsThe two types of ‘context’ Fee and Stuart discussed in this week’s reading were…AnswerSelected Answer:   Question 5 3 out of 3 pointsIn our readings this week the Bible is described in part as, “the Word of God given in human words in history”. AnswerSelected Answer: Question 6 0 out of 3 pointsThe focus of the ___________ is on Jesus and his claim to be the Messiah.AnswerSelected Answer:    Question 7 0 out of 3 points”To interpret properly the “then and there” of the biblical texts you need to”AnswerSelected Answer:   Question 8 3 out of 3 pointsWhat is the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls?AnswerSelected Answer:    Question 9 3 out of 3 pointsAt the end of Old Testament narratives we are always told whether the events spoken of were “good or bad”. We are not expected to be able to judge for ourselves based upon other related portions of scripture.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 10 3 out of 3 pointsWhich of the following are not among the common causes people misinterpret biblical narratives mentioned in the text?AnswerSelected Answer:   Question 11 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to the text the structural features of ‘repetition’ and ‘inclusion’ are…AnswerSelected Answer:   Question 12 3 out of 3 pointsWhat is the first concern of translators?AnswerSelected Answer: Question 13 3 out of 3 pointsThe Modern View of the Bible approaches biblical documents as highly reliable.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 14 3 out of 3 pointsPer our readings the concept of the word “canon” describes a group of writings regarded as authentic.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 15 3 out of 3 pointsThe Septuagint is a product of the Babylonian Exile.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 16 3 out of 3 pointsThe New Testament canon was finally agreed upon in AD1095.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 17 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to the authors, “The true meaning of the biblical text for us is what God originally intended it to mean when it was first spoken”.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 18 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to Fee and Stuart, regarding literary context, the most important question you will ever ask is, “What’s the point?”AnswerSelected Answer: Question 19 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to Fee and Stuart’s analysis they think most people do a very good job of handling Old Testament narrative passages.AnswerSelected Answer: Question 20 3 out of 3 pointsAccording to Fee and Stuart what do they say is the aim of a good interpretation?AnswerSelected Answer

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