Biblical Worldview

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 750 words essay on Biblical Worldview. s of words contained in Genesis 1: 26 which say that, “God thereby said, let us create man in our likeness and image, and let us give him dominion over every creature of the earth. This paper therefore argues that since man is created under the image and likeness of God, there is a need of treating mankind with respect, honor and faithfulness.The work that gives me satisfaction is systems analyst. This work involves researching on problems, planning solutions on the problem researched, and recommending software’s and systems at the functional level of a computer. My job also involves preparing broken computer servers, for business organizations, and individual companies. As a system analyst, it is my duty to act as a liaison between computer vendors, and experts of information technology.While carrying out my duties, I’m always under the inspiration of God’s word contained in Romans 12:4-8, which requires mankind to carry out their duties and vocation in a manner that is perfect, and pleasant to God (Groh, 2010). This scripture denotes that Christians are the body of Christ, and each Christian has different gifts. Christians should therefore use these gifts for purposes of serving each other.Under the image and likeness of the Almighty God, there are three major issues that we need to understand. The image of God that Genesis 1, refers to is not a physical image. This is because the bible in John 4:24 denotes that God is a spirit and therefore, to worship him, it must be in truth and spirit. Therefore, God does not possess a physical body that is made up of blood and flesh, but a spiritual body (Pembroke, 2012). However, the image of God that the scriptures talk about is the mental image. God has given mankind a mental capability that is far much above that of animals. This was for purposes of enabling mankind to carry out the work of God.Gods work was to protect the earth, and every living thing that existed in earth. As a system analyst, my duty

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