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Biological perspective to depression

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic biological perspective to depression. Depression is denoted as a disorder that is relatively complex to an extent of causing a series of symptoms such as impaired concentration, behavioral, emotional, and biological symptoms.As such, the biological approach to depression argues that the disease is caused by the physiological malfunctioning of the human body. Additionally, the approach articulates that the disorder can be treated by rectifying the malfunction. Thus, scholars have articulated that biology is one of the major contributors toward the development of depression because the disorder is mostly inherited with no evident influences that come from the environment.According to Zettle (2007), it is crucial that human beings understand the basis of how their body functions. This is because the biological perception of the human body is closely related to human behavior as opposed to physiological level because the human body constitutes neural and hormonal reactions. Moreover, the knowledge of such behavior gives an automatic solution to how the disorder can easily be treated by the use of appropriate drugs.In contrast to this, critics have argued that the biological approach to the disorder could only be based on reductionist reasoning as many patients are not aware of their body in biological perspectives such as the knowledge on how the serotonin functions in the body, and the mind problem. Thus, they insist that genes are not easy to separate from the environment in relation to influencing behavior and that behavior is socially and culturally determined.It is worth noting that the nature vs. nurture debate on depression had continuously been held across the world. Nevertheless, nature has arguably outdone nurture because most of the causes of depression are environmentally instigated.

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