Biological Resources

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Write 1 page with APA style on Biological Resources. Biological Resources Introduction A biological resource is a living landform like animals, plants, water sources and other natural constituents of the planet earth. These resources are important and useful in various ways. Biology is a field of study that covers all aspects of life and nature. Therefore, biological resources are vital and essential for the survival of living things. Examples of such resources include vegetation, water sources, mineral resources and nuclear resources. Conservation of natural vegetation is vital for the survival of living things.VegetationVegetation refers to a group of plants growing in a particular area or habitat. Vegetation exists in different forms which include forests, shrubs, and plantations. Forests refer to a group of trees covering large tracks of land. Forests are important in the textile and construction industries. They are also vital for maintaining appropriate climatic conditions. A shrub refers to woody vegetation whose growth is stunted and it is smaller compared to a tree.Water SourcesWater sources range from small sources forms like streams and rivers to large ones like lakes, oceans. A river is a natural stream of water flowing in a given channel that may end up in an ocean or lake. A lake is a large water body that is surrounded by land. On the contrary, oceans are extensive coastal water bodies. Water sources are important for transport, the fishing industry, recreation and for the general survival of living things.Mineral resourcesThese refer to valuable materials that exist on the earthÂ’s surface and are located in various ores. Some like gold, diamond, fluorspar, silver and tar are vital in the world of economy. They have substantive economic values. Some minerals are also useful biologically. An example is calcium which is important for the growth and development of bones in animals and human beings.ConclusionBiological resources are vast and encompass various aspects of nature. Some however can be hazardous for example during tsunamis where oceans flood human settlements. Conservation of natural resources should be given proper attention to maintain adequate ecological balance.ReferenceMilner-Gulland, E. J., & Mace, R. (2009).&nbsp.Conservation of biological resources. London: John Wiley & Sons.

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