Biz Builder Business plan

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a business plan.  Students must use the Biz Builder Business Plan Template that is in your Course Document folder to complete your business plan. Your business plan must be a business quality document. The file must be attached as a Word Document (not .pages) to the assignment in blackboard and submitted before the deadline date which is Friday, November 18 at 11:59 pm. The following sections must be included in your business plans:Table of Contents1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Mission, Vision, Culture3.0 Company Description4.0 Opportunities Analysis & Research      4.1 Industry Analysis      4.2 Environmental and Competitive Analysis5.0 Marketing Strategy and Plan      5.1 Product/Service     5.2 Pricing     5.3 Promotion     5.4 Place6.0 Management & Operations     6.2           Research and Development     6.3          Physical Location     6.4           Facilities               7.0          Financial Analysis & Projections     (Sections A & B)     7.1          Sources and Uses of Capital8.0          Funding Requests and Exit Strategies     8.1           The Amount and Type of Funds Requested      8.2           Exit PlanAll Business plans must contain the above sections and be submitted as a Word Document through Blackboard.  Any Business plan thatdoes not follow the MYBizSkills Kit template will result in a zero score (0).The subject of all business plans must be a startup small business. Any business plan on an existing business or any business that is NOT a small business will result in a zero score (0). Also, business plans must be on a legal business.              Students…You are to complete your business plans using the template that is in your Course Document Folder. You must complete the sections of thebusiness plan listed above. You are to fill in the information pertaining to your business in this document.

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