Blues People-Negor Music in White America

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 page essay on Book report on Blues People-Negor Music in White America by LeRoi Jones.The fifth chapter, Slave and Post-Slave discuss the cultural changes that swept across the Negro American’s community through their emancipation process as well as the emergence and development of blues. The Negroes had no place in the post-slave white society and had to establish their own space both physically and psychologically, by reconstructing their self-identities and social structure. In the succeeding period immediately after emancipation, songs that emerged from the suppression conditions of slavery inspired the creation of blues, which entailed shouts and yells, spirituals among other distinctive elements. The sixth chapter, Primitive Blues and Primitive Jazz, traces the development of blues and jazz as its instrumental progression, as the Negroes musical culture not only through the slave period but also through post-slave period. Following emancipation, the Negroes started encountering new sociocultural challenges that they were not accustomed to in their slavery era, which was consequently reflected in the music they sang. Primitive blues were greatly influenced by instruments such as the guitar and the appropriation of the same instruments and their divergent use by blacks with elements such as rifts led to the emergence of jazz, with a distinctive blues or Negro sound. European musical instruments, particularly brass instruments and marching band music, greatly influenced blues in New Orleans. Creoles added a more primitive jass sound to their music, giving blues and jazz a more distinctive sound.

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