Book of nightmare

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 pages paper on the book of nightmare by galway kinnell. The book contains ten poems. It is possible to single out two poems which reveal the main themes articulated in the book: “Under the Maud Moon” and “Little Sleep’s-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight”. “Under the Maud Moon” is the first poem presented in the book. It is possible to regard the poem as an introductory one. Kinnell starts depicting one of his frightening worlds and in the very end of the poem he states that the book is the book of nightmares which many people still would like to read because the real world is full of nightmares and there is no escape from them. The only way to handle with one’s nightmares (as suggested by Kinnell) is to understand that there are people who can always help. It is important to point out that the poet uses very evocative language. Metaphors, similes, allusions serve to create a very special atmosphere of dark and gloomy world. More so, it is possible to state that the poem has a definite magic color. Of course, black color prevails in the first poem of the book: “black ashes, black stones” and a black bear (Kinnel 3). Even the time is colorful since even “a moment, turns blue as coal” (Kinnell 6). Admittedly, such images and colorfulness help Kinnell create the world of nightmares. The other poem which is also representative is “Little Sleep’s-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight”. The poem appears in the middle of the book and it also reveals the world of nightmares which frighten a little child. In this poem the poet contemplates on people’s life which is cyclical. Kinnell tries to comfort his child who “scream[s], waking from a nightmare” (49). He depicts the images from nightmares and then thinks of the real life stating that everything passes. The poet claims that any nightmare ceases to exist when there is someone who can support a person. Kinnell emphasizes the great power of love which is stronger than any nightmare. This poem reveals the major idea of the entire book: any nightmare can be defeated since there is always somebody who can help. In spite of the fact that the poems considered above are the most representative another poem deserves as much attention. The poem “The Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible” is slightly different from the rest of the poems presented in the book. It is not different stylistically. Like all the poems in the book it is full of bright similes and metaphors. However, it is possible to state that it is more emotional and it is more realistic. The poem appears in the middle of the book. It does not depict some non-existing world of someone’s nightmares, but reveals the major vices of the contemporary society. The poem is very personal and it seems it is a kind of confession and self-reflection. The poet stipulates his ideas about the world around him: “I, Christian man, groan out this testament of my last will” (Kinnell 42). The poem is really impressive since it proves that the most frightening “nightmares” happen in the real world because of the imperfect nature of a human being. In conclusion, it is possible to point out that the book is a must-read for all young people. Kinnell wanted to depict the world of nightmares and he managed to do it. Many people are likely to be impressed by the book. In the first place, the reader will plunge in the world of a talented poet.

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