Brand of yogurt

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a term paper on Brand of Yogurt. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. For example, Yoba yogurt is good, its sugar content is low but its price is too high. It has limited flavor as such it does not appeal to the taste-buds. Another brand of yogurt that I tried was Scream frozen yogurt. There is nothing to scream about it, its design is cute, easy to find and park (as such no wastage of time), but its main drawback is that it is not organic. Topping selection is also limited. As for Bango Frozen yogurt, it has low calories, and the free wifi service in an inconvenient location will not serve my purpose apart from the important disadvantage that the yogurt is not tasty. Interview: My fascination for yogurt Frozen yogurt is my food. I am willing to skip my dinner and eat yogurt to my heart’s content. It is nutritious and easy to digest and it helps to keep my body fit and fine. With the addition of artificial flavors, the original flavor of yogurt is lost. As such, I like flavor-free yogurt. The original sweet-sour flavor of yogurt appeals to me. I like frozen yogurt for its quality and appearance. The majority of my friends like frozen yogurt and I would like to go by their choice. We friends go for social gatherings and after school hours we reach out to Panda Yo outlet to enjoy eating yogurt. Eating it in the company of classmates/friends gives great satisfaction. Even though I like natural yogurt normally, I often choose some mild flavors and of them, I like strawberry the best. But I make it a point to experiment with different flavors when I decide to go for flavored yogurt.

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