Bring Back Flogging

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

This assignment is a one-paragraph summary of the  Jeff Jacoby’s “Bring Back Flogging” (which is linked to just below). The  purpose of your summary is to capture a concise yet comprehensive  picture of the author’s argument for your reader who is not familiar  with the source; work hard at recreating the argument concisely yet  comprehensively in your own words.Link mentioned above is at: Formatted to MLA Guidelines      Here is a link to Purdue’s Writing Lab website with the details of how to format to MLA guidelines: One Paragraph 200-250 words long (or 20-25% of the sources length) Saved and posted as a DOC or DOCX file Begin with a sentence that identifies      the author by full name, the author’s credentials, the name of  the article/speech, the name of the publication, and the year the source  was published. In every sentence following the first sentence, use attributive tags to attribute the ideas to the author:      use the author’s last name or he/she and use phrases such as “according to” and precise signal verbs. Use transitions and other signposts to show the relationship  between the ideas, capturing the structure and flow of the source’s  ideas. Use quotations sparingly, if at all. Represent the source’s ideas accurately, fairly, objectively, and comprehensively yet concisely.

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