Bringing out the best in people

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on bringing out the best in people. In fact, the superior leaders were even using these principles long before psychology was formally given its name.McGinnis’ book, “Bringing Out the Best in People,” showcases interesting anecdotes and case studies illustrating how a person can put 12 key principles to work for any group, may it be a family or an organization. So whether one is a parent, a friend, a teacher or an executive, his/her satisfaction can be guaranteed by “Bringing Out the Best in People.”The author makes it really easy for his/her readers. The 12 principles or rules that he discovered are incredibly easy to follow. The list, however, is not meant to be limiting. It is actually meant to entice the reader to devour the whole book.Right from the start, McGinnis declared that he is taking a Christian standpoint in his approach of the topic at hand. With that said, he actually gives hope to anybody who wants to make a difference by motivating other people. As he points out, “Motivators are not born-they are made.”The author asserts that the mental attitude already exists for prospective motivators since it is a human instinct that drives people to do something about lethargy and boredom, and be challenged instead. “Deep in the breast of everyone there is a drive to achieve something, to be somebody,” McGinnis says.McGinnis develops his book by doing several things. First, he tells his readers about his observation on listening. According to him, if one will only listen to other people patiently, they will actually reveal what will motivate them. Next, he expounds on the value of encouraging others and creating the optimal work environment in an organization. He said this means giving space for failure because failure is sometimes inevitable when risks are taken, though temporary. Toward the end, the author includes an inspiring section on various leaders, dreamers and the lonely lifestyles these individuals often lead. The book ends with a quote from Goethe, “Whatever you dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”This book is actually useful since it can help a person gain more focus if he/she will take to heart whatever he/she has read and follow whatever the book suggests. McGinnis also guarantees that communication skills will actually be enhanced because of this book. And because of this benefit, a person will be respected more by other people as his/her ability to relate to them improves dramatically and becomes more efficient. In order to help others to grow, it would be helpful to rise up to the challenge of the 12 rules or principles outlined by McGinnis in his book. According to the author, anyone who wants to be a great motivator and help others grow should do the following:1. Expect the best from his/her employees and those he/she leads.2. Understand the needs of his/her employees and use the information to create an environment that builds their motivation.3. Establish standards of excellence that are attainable for your employees and those he/she leads.4. Create an environment where failure isn’t fatal.5. Encourage his/her employees as opposed to nagging them.6.

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