Britian is a georaphically disunited kingdom

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Britian is a georaphically disunited 1801 when the Irish parliament was joined with the parliament for England, Wales and Scotland in London, and the whole of the British Isles became a single state. However, in 1922 the south of Ireland became the Irish Free State and in 1949 an independent republic.(Hamnett, p93)The people of United Kingdom are British and have British nationality.As a group they are usually referred to as the British, rather than as Britons, though this name is used in the media. Ancient Britons were the people who lived in Britain before Romans came. Only people who come from England can be called English. People from Ireland are Irish, People from Wales Welsh, and people from Scotland Scots or Scottish, and they do not like being called English. The term Brits is only used informally, often humorously. Many people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have stronger feelings of Loyalty towards their own country than they do the United Kingdom. British people who have come originally from Asia, Africa or the West Indies may also feel two sets of Loyalties. (Pugh, pp57 – 60)Devolution involves the transfer of political power from a central government to a regional government. Scotland and Wales, mainly through their nationalist parties, the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru, both fought to have power devolved from the parliament of the United Kingdom to their own political assemblies. Both parties had only a few MPs in the British parliament. (Bishop, p27)For many British people the ideal place to live is village set in attractive countryside. To those living in town villages conjure up images of peace, a slow pace of life, pretty cottages and a country pub. But living in a village may be inconvenient, especially for people without a car, as many village shops have been forced to close and public transport services are limited. Most people now live in towns, in city suburbs or in large villages, which have become dormitory communities. For nearby tows, some

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