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Write 12 page essay on the topic Build sales proposal.Moreover, the introduction of the project presents three significant components such as sale proposal elaborates the potential clients regarding novel ideas, service, and the product. The second argument that is made by sale professionals in favour of sales proposal is that this service is mandatory and beneficial for them. Last, but but not the least is that it is important and mentioned in sale proposal is to enhance the expectations of project success (Wise Geek, 2015). Sale proposal is the integral part of successful sale deal. it is a pitch that allows sale professionals to land either new or prior business (PandaDoc, 2015).Mylocalpitch is an online platform that has been set up by fans that are passionate about sports. It also represents fans that have struggled for a long time to encounter the places across London they can play in. namely Sanford Loudon and Jamie Foale. The major aim of this platform is to allow players to grasp the information regarding the closest sports facilities from their home, hence, allowing them to book easily these facilities online and can enjoy the sports passion anywhere in London (Mylocalpitch, n,d, a). In addition, with the aim to be the one-stop shop for London residents, the website is focusing on 13 sports that are major and will continue to add more as will grow. The website is also searching for courts and pitches so its clients can make a purchase of sports equipment via online mode of shopping. Companies that offer sports services and advertise at my local pitch platform and can maximize their business (Mylocalpitch, 2015).It is essential to know the market to which the proposal is being presented. This proposal is not being written in response to RFP (Request For Proposal). therefore it has become pivotal to take the market research into consideration. The market research is vital in a sense that after recognizing market needs and competitors, a better sale

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