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Business and Marketing

Write 3 page essay on the topic Answer 5 Questions Regarding Business, and Marketing.Franchisees privately own three-quarters of this corporation. The major requirement necessary for the purchase of a franchise include availability of funds to facilitate running of operations. possession of essential management expertise as required by the franchise. and ability to satisfy legal requirements mandated by the selected business. (3, 1)Foreign ownership of franchises is usually subjected to a number of legal restrictions. This varies among countries. Moreover, it is usually faced with a number of setbacks, a useful example being language barrier (1,1. 2, 1)Advertisement is an industry that cannot be separated from the media, production and business sector. Advertisement restrictions are limitations meant to control what is advertised through the media sector. These restrictions limit advertisement by preventing marketing of certain commodity. Consequently, this leads to reduced net income of respective businesses. (1, 1. 5, 1)Advertisement restriction differs among countries. A useful example is Brazil. The advertisement of some products (cigarettes and alcoholic drinks) is only allowed from 2100 hours to 0600 hours. Thus, businesses have been unable to achieve their economic goals on time. Reason being, by restricting advertisement consumer interest and awareness regarding the products will be low. In addition, the market promotion strategy will be negatively affected. Thus, businesses will opt for regions with less restriction. (5, 1)American fast food, music and movies are popular around the world with little production adaptation. U.S retailers, banks and the beer firms have had to make major adaptation to their products. Why? Provide examples.Adaptation involves changes in methods of business. It may include price promotions. and changing the product to make fit the preference of the consumers. Adaptation occurs if a single or more factors are changed. It occurs for attaining competitive gains in the markets.

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