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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Essay on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for ______ (your chosen information system security domain in your chosen organization/industry): Challenges and Solutions. Paper must be at least 750 words. Loss of data and information in an organization is detrimental to daily operations of any automated organization. Thus, organizations have in the recent past prioritized development and implementation of reliable business continuity and disaster recovery plans. This is aimed at ensuring that data and information is available to users at any given time (Datamonitor, 2002).eBay is an e-commerce service company that provides services in the domains of marketing, financial services and communication. The data and information in the company is vital and has to be kept confidential. Additionally, the company provides online services therefore the information and data has to be available and reliable continuously. This is achieved through properly prepared business continuity and disaster recovery plans particularly for data and information security (Matthew, 2013). In this scenario, business continuity plan is concerned with a wider scope of ensuring that business operations in all the domains of operations in the organization are not affected by any eventuality. Whilst disaster recovery planning is concerned with the recovery of systems and infrastructure components in case of any failure in the system. It focuses on how to survive a disaster and what steps tp take right after the disaster (Derek, 2013).eBay Inc. can employ several contemporary ways of achieving an effective business continuity plan, however, the most critical part is management support (Datamonitor, 2002). The management must clearly understand the necessity and the impacts of having a business continuity plan. The first stage will be to identify the critical business functions and the risks that are associated with these functions and their operations. There are key considerations while developing the business continuity plan and the disaster recovery plan (Derek, 2013). These

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