Business Intelligence Development Plan

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

As part of the Business Intelligence Development Plan template, including section headings (project outline), you should submit a Business Performance Methodologies section of 4–5 pages that includes the following for the case study organization:

A description of the specific business performance methodologies (BPM) that the case study organization will use to measure business performance, and how each will be used to align strategies to actions in the organization as follows: Develop the necessary key performance indicators (KPIs) that will align the formulated strategy to the related metric. For example, a business strategy of improving customer performance might include KPIs with measurements of customer satisfaction, speed and accuracy of customer complaint resolution, and customer retention. Service performance strategies that are designed to improve service levels might include KPIs with measurements of service-call response rates, service level agreement continuance, and product return rates. 

Discuss how the KPI represents a strategic objective that measures performance against a related goal. Verify that each KPI has the following: Strategy Targets Ranges Encodings Time frames Benchmarks All sources should be cited both in-text and in the References section using APA format.Please refer to attachment for history of project

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