Business plan for global corporation

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a term paper on Business Plan for T & F Global Corporation. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. &nbsp.This proposal is to provide an overall view to highlight the following issues: This plan is submitted to the Steering Committee to understand the present position of the company and to decide on the future course of action. The important question before the steering committee is to decide on the course of action to increase the sales and revenue for the company by exploring new opportunities. The business plan submitted here is to provide an idea about the course of action that has to be adopted in the coming year. The current market scenario is highly influenced by globalization and information technology. T & F company has grown and has established itself in the market. But the recent slump in growth rate creates a need for SWOT analysis. The results of the SWOT analysis show that all the weaknesses listed point to just one thing, i.e., the company is not proactive. The company has become comfortable with the profits and hence, it has become fat and slow to respond to the information technology which is reflected in the rising costs and slowing growth rates. As we have not tuned itself to the current trends in the market, we have not tried to take advantage of the internet, and we have not sought to market methods for capturing prospective customers and this has lead to the drop in the growth. But at this point in time, what has the company learned and how it is going to react to the changes in the environment will decide whether we survive and grow or become stale and perish. The importance of mission and vision statements to effective growth is mentioned by Vitton and Rarcick that the organizations with the formalized missions and vision statements have twice the average return on shareholder’s equity than those firms without&nbsp.a formalized mission statements. The mission statement of T & F company should include customers, products, markets, philosophy, technology, and distinctive competence and the mission statement can be as follows: To become the market leader in providing CAD/ CAM&nbsp. solution& architectural and engineering firms across the world and to create value for the shareholders, employees and resellers.

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