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Buying a Vehicle

(Example: Buying a Vehicle)Grading: 100 Points (Exam 2: MS Access 2013 Exam)There are 2 Parts for this Exam. Part 1 is 40 points, Part 2 is 45 points, and the 3 website links are 15 points. You should complete MS Access 2013 Tutorial A-D Assignments in your textbook BEFORE you begin this exam. You can choose a different topic for this Exam (i.e. Electronics, Clothes, Shoes, Grocery Store, Airline, Furniture, or just about anything that works for you).For MS Access 2013 Exam – Part 1 & 2, first you will need tosearch the Internet for information, thencreate a MS Word documentand provide brief responses about setting up database fields and using features in MS Access 2013 for the scenario below.Note: Type your first and last name at the top of yourMS Word document.Marginsshould be 1”(top, bottom, left, right)and Part 1, Part 2& Web site links should fit on one page only!Buying a New (or Used) Vehicle (or any other topic that you choose)In the near future you would like to buy a new or used vehicle. Use a search engine (such as Google.com) to search the Internet and find vehicles on at least three different Web sites. Think about how you could use MS Access 2013 to set up vehicle information in your own database and then use various database features.Note: Copy andpaste the 3 different Web site links(from the address bar where you found your information) to the end of your MS Word document.Part 1 – List TEN Field names that you could include in your databaseand provide examples of each, based upon the information you found about vehicles on the Internet (Example: Price, Year, Color, MPG, Engine, Transmission, and options such as Power Windows, Sunroof, etc.). Define the appropriate Data Type (Text, Number, Date/Time, etc. – see pg. AC 7 in MS Office Access 2013 Illustrated Introductory textbook)for each field. Specify the Field Length(Number of Characters)for each field.Part 2 – Describe how you could use each of the following MS Access 2013 featureswithyour database: Queriesto create a query, Formsto create a simple form, and Reportsto create a simple report. For Part 2, there should be 3 paragraphswith a minimumof 3 sentences per paragraph about how you will use these features in a MS Access database. You must use specific fields and examples that you provided in Part 1 (above). Important: You do not need to create a MS Access 2013 database for this Exam!You must use MS Word 2013 for all of your responses to Part 1, Part 2, and Web Sites Links An example is provided – see Sample – MS Access 2013 Exam – Buying a Wedding Cake—->ATTACHED IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT MY PROFESSOR IS REQUESTING!!

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