Calculate [H2CO3(aq)]

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Assume river water is in equilibrium with atmospheric CO2(g). Use 0.034 mol L?1 bar?1 for the Henry’s law constant of CO2 and assume that the atmospheric partial pressure of CO2 is 408 ppmv, and that the atmospheric pressure is 1.01 bar. For H2CO3, Ka1 = 4.45 × 10-7 and Ka2 = 4.69 × 10-11.(a) Calculate [H2CO3(aq)].(b) Calculate the pH.(c) Calculate the fractions of H2CO3(aq), HCO3-(aq) and CO32-(aq).(d) Calculate the concentrations of HCO3-(aq) and CO32-(aq).(e) Calculate the alkalinity.

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