Capstone Paper

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Argumentative essay on Capstone Paper. Needs to be 20 pages. rimary objective of this business plan is to describe the company, present the market analysis, highlight the market strategy, and define the implementation strategy. The marketing plan will also present financial statements and projected financial report for the first year of operation.The mission of Cypress Workforce Training is to take a unique and innovative approach towards providing educational services that help employees and fresh graduates connect their classroom education to workplace requirements.1. To provide high quality, experienced, and professional workers to business entities that currently rely only on the formal academics, and are spending excessive resources to train employees for short-term contracts.1. Cypress Workforce Training intends to develop methods of approach that links workplace requirements and classroom teaching particularly in solving ethical dilemmas and dealing with cultural and behavioral diversities. This is critical to the success of the business because employees will develop self-adjustment mechanisms to enable them fit into the workplace regardless of widespread diversities.2. The company will create effective marketing strategies that can reach as many people as possible. Reaching a variety of people will increase demand for the company’s services. Cypress Workforce Training will benefit from increased number of customers in terms of profitability and sustainability.3. Listening to the requirements of the clients and striving to institute their needs and proposals into training programs will be vital for the success of the business. Success of the business is founded on principles of quality service provision. Quality implies tailoring the services to meet customer satisfaction. This implies that the institution will operate in accordance to the customer demands. Meeting customer needs and requirements will guarantee business growth and sustainability.Cypress Workforce Trainers will work under the industry of

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