Cardiovascular disease

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 page essay on Cardiovascular Disease:.To back the problem affecting the 54-year old man, CVD is characterized by pain in the chest momentarily. The feeling spreads through the body causing nausea, cold sweats and snippets of lightheadedness. Accompanying the CVD at an early stage is indigestion, irregular heartbeats, anxiety and general weakness. Palpitation and heart flutters may lead to coughs and shortness of breath in a CVD patient. Considering that the old man had cases resulting from the treadmill test, the smoking habit and age bracket, confirms that the case is a CVD (IOM, 2010).Pathology of CVDThe heart pumps blood in systolic and diastolic rhythm. A condition that will affect the rhythmic process of the heart will highly result in heart problems and failure at worst. Formation of lesion results when molecules adhesion in charge of making the blood leukocytes sticky on the inner arterial surface. Emerging and existing factors of atherosclerosis has a regulation on chemoattractants cytokines as regulated consistently by atherosclerosis symptoms. Blood leukocytes continuously communicate with smooth muscle cells and the endothelial. It results in an inflammatory ferment, elaborate and proliferation of the rich extracellular matrix. Secretion of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) finds a balance with inhibitors of endogenous tissue. The processes of activation, proliferation and migration occur between the MMP and inner tissue.Binding of lipoproteins amidst prolonging conditions of intima stagnation, makes the condition at a susceptible level.

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