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PROMPT: Career Interest PresentationPresentation should include the following 6 subsets of psychology: Developmental, Personality, Learning/Memory and Psychopathology, BioPsychology and Perception Psychology.The following questions should be substantively addressed and answered:What is your current interest in each of the above subfields of psychology covered thus far?How can one utilize a degree in each of these fields of psychology?What should your undergraduate degree plan be for the field that interests you the most?Will you need to go to Graduate School to pursue these careers?What surprised you the most about each of these fields?Thinking about the career field that interests you the most, what do you believe you will have to improve upon to meet or exceed expectations?The last two – four slides of your presentation should substantively summarize what you found most interesting while completing this assignment and at least one element you learned during this assignment of which you can benefit in knowing more.INSTRUCTIONS:APA FORMATPOWERPOINT PRESENTATION SHOULD INCLUDE:Title Slide (1 slide)Body of slides, with Note portions (10 slides)Conclusion/Summary (2-4 slides)Reference Slide (1-2)USE CITATIONS BUT NOT THAT MANY; MOST OF PRESENTATION IS NEEDED TO BE SUMMARIZEDBe certain to integrate relevant terms, theories, research findings and examples from research.MUST utilize the Note portion of the PowerPoint!Each slide should have at TWO OR MORE substantive paragraph, e.g. five- seven sentences regarding what you have highlighted on the slides.USE GRAPHICSTIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONTNO GRAMMAR ISSUES/NO ERRORS3 OR MORE CREDIDLE SCHOLARLY SOURCES ON REFERENCE SLIDE****YOU WILL clearly describes all six areas of psychology and answering content requirements thoroughly and coherently, using Note portion of the presentation. Highlights and graphics of slides are excellent.*****YOU WILL provides a clear and substantive summary of what he or she found most interesting while completing assignment and at least one element of which he or she could benefit in knowing more.The bulk of the information is written within Note portion.*****YOU WILL clearly paraphrases from at least three scholarly, academic sources and cites them according to APA Style on the References Slide.*****Submission is clear and coherent, flows well, and has a professional appearance.  Few, if any, errors in grammar/spelling are made (for written entries) or in spoken English (for video entries).

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