Career interests and goals

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 1 page essay on A one page statement of career interests and goals for graduate school admission. I have attended classes taught by the faculty members of the department of microbiology and immunology. Due to the experience that they this faculty members have in this field I believe that they would be best suited to help me with my research project (Levinson 2).

Being admitted into the graduate school would provide an opportunity to further my knowledge on issues and topics affecting immunology and microbiology (Levinson 1). I am willing to learn and contribute my knowledge and skills wherever necessary to accomplish set goals and objectives within the school.Virology is a topic of major interest to me as the numbers of cases of virus have risen in the past decades (Levinson 1). The study of DNA and RNA replication, the use of a virus as a vector and viral pathogenicity are a sample of the things I wish to learn when admitted into the graduate school.

The graduate school of microbiology and immunology is a stepping-stone towards achieving success by facilitating learning through experimentation and laboratory experiments (Levinson 4). At the end of graduate school, I hope to have learned all about microbiology and immunology from my tutors to facilitate further personal and independent research to advance the success made by colleagues in this

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