Career: Midwife

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Research Paper – Career: Midwife **ASSIGNMENT: Write an introductory paragraph and at least 2 subtopics of fleshed-out draft work. Site Sources *no wikipedia* INTRODUCTION Paragraph 1 – Introductory Paragraph (100 – 150 words)  Write an introduction. Use a good hook (use a quote, anecdote, or startling statistics). You might introduce your report by using a basic definition of your career and include some background information on this career field. When did it start? What has it evolved into today? Limit the Introduction to 5-7 sentences. The last sentence should be your thesis statement (thesis = one sentence – include 3 reasons). Make your introduction catchy enough that your readers will want to learn more.

Choosing a career requires research, some experience, and a lot of careful, critical thought. The thesis identifies and narrows the subject. It makes a claim or an assertion about the subject. The claim must be debatable, and it sets the tone of the writing. It indicates the order of the main points throughout the essay. Write using third person (3rd) point of view: 

Career Research Paper!! 

Think of this paper as a report you would give to someone else considering this field. 

  • What would you need to tell them about the job? 
  • How much training and education are required? 
  • What is the job market like? 
  • What are the potential salaries and benefits? 
  • What are some of the drawbacks? 
  • What are some of the critical issues for workers within this profession? 

Writing a career research paper is great way to give students a chance to explore their goals. A good research paper will enlighten students of both the positive and negative aspects of their chosen careers while enhancing their writing and research skills. In order to fulfill this objective, students must incorporate critical components throughout their research paper: introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and works cited.


  • Is the thesis clear?
  • Does the draft work support and relate to the thesis?
  • Is body paragraphs include clearly cited source material, whether quoted or paraphrased?
  • Is your source material supplied as valuable, relevant support?
  • Are your own thoughts, explanations, interpretations, and ideas the most prominent part of body paragraphs and subtopics?
  • Are your thoughts in body paragraphs organized to allow for a logical flow of ideas?

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