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Career of Elvis Presley and other musicians

Write an article on The Career of Elvis Presley and Other Musicians of His Time. It needs to be at least 500 words. The Career of Elvis Presley and Other Musicians of His Time The Career of Elvis Presley and Other Musicians of His TimeMusic has always been an integral part of human activity, and it is no wonder that it plays a significant role in the lives of most individuals. This paper is devoted to the music of the 50s-70s, namely to such icons of music of that time as Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and Buddy Holly.Elvis Presley is the most famous musician of the mentioned time frame, and the reasons for this are obvious and logical. First, he did not give up his efforts in the field on music and kept on shaping his musical craftsmanship even while having to be employed for a conventional job. Second, Elvis realized that his initial style of music performing could not and would not secure his success forever and was ready to accommodate to the new trends of music, which eventually paid off and made him still popular within the audience. (www.biography.com, 2015). The career of Elvis is an example of a striking success: he had 18 singles which took the first places in charts, and his contribution is significant to “…several musical genres, most notably rock, country and gospel.” (www.biography.com, 2015). It is also different from the careers of the musicians who will be discussed below in such terms that he devoted much time to participation in the film making industry, and his life was almost twice longer than those of the Holly and Cochran and almost as long as that one of Vincent. Gene Vincent, one of the biggest rockabilly and rock-n-roll stars, also made a significant contribution to the music in general and to the mentioned music genres in particular, and his career had several differences from the above mentioned Elvis’ one. First, he took part in film making activity not as intensively as Elvis, and second, his popularity to a significant extent depended on the airplay of his tracks by the radio stations. Nevertheless he was a rather popular musician and deserves being mentioned in one row with Elvis Presley. (www.rockabillyhall.com, 2015).Eddie Cochran’s phenomenon is that even though his life lasted for 21 years only, he managed to reach the top of the music Olympus and to leave tracks that are still very popular, such as “Summertime Blues”. In such a narrow period of time he managed to significantly influence the development of rock-n-roll and rockabilly and was positively referred to because of his outstanding guitar playing skills. His career saw a very early success, and even the fact that he released no more than one album does not decrease his valuable contribution to the development of music of his days. (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2015).The star of early rock-n-roll, the most unique and legendary musician, Buddy Holly, also lived a short life which ended at 22, but this only proves the fact that the best are gone the first. His career lasted for only a year and a half, but in this time he managed to gain popularity, value and progress for the music genre he played. His creative path was also different from the above mentioned three ones in that regard that his music became even more successful when he played with the band, the Crickets. It was at this stage that his music reached its highest peak of perfection and made him an icon of rock-n-roll. (Allmusic, 2015). ConclusionThe careers of the famous musicians of the 1950s-1970s are marked with incredible success and influence on the next generations of the artists from the music field. In this regard, Elvis Presley is renowned for his style and look, and the three other mentioned musicians proved the fact that is it not necessarily to have much time to do great things. ReferencesAllmusic. (2015). Buddy Holly. http://www.allmusic.com/artist/buddy-holly-mn0000538677/biographyRock and Roll Hall of Fame. (2015). Eddie Cochran Biography.https://rockhall.com/inductees/eddie-cochran/bio/www.biography.com. (2015). Elvis Presley. Biography.http://www.biography.com/people/elvis-presley-9446466www.rockabillyhall.com. (2015). Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps. Biography.http://www.rockabillyhall.com/gvbio.

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