Carter administration

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The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.They held anti-abortion campaigns among other family values and were even for all types of conservatism including open anti-homosexual campaigns led by Anita Bryant according to the new right and religious right slide.

What this led to is a clash between the Christians and the non-Christians as well as made people be divided along party sides. With this division and support, the number of Christians increased tremendously as those opposing joined the different churches. with the growth came the strength in numbers which reduced some of the proposals being made as well as led to rejection of others as well as reduction in their negative impact in society.

The Watergate incident was marked with a series of lies and criminal offenses. The worst but was that the man the people had re-elected thinking he would shed light into the issue turned out to be the greatest betrayer of the people’s vote and confidence in the office. It turned out that government leaders in the executive branch of government were the ones breaking laws and committing crimes that negatively affected the people. How could they trust such a government which only thought about their individual benefits and not about the people they represented?

The irony of the situations that took place during the Watergate scandal and the Carter administration reflected an epic fail of government. According to the slide on Despair and doubt 1975, they were meant to protect the citizens and safeguard their interests and needs but their selfishness to remain in power and continue ruling the people and implementing unjust and unhelpful policies led to commit atrocities in the eyes of the American citizens. The government failed to protect the rights for equality for the minority groups from the homosexuals to the women and the African-Americans effectively.

They implemented laws that angered the people and they did all these without consulting the grassroots. This was an……

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