Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis Assignment – MGMT 6050 (25%)Please read the assigned case posted on FOL as a PDF document.- Please include a cover sheet with full names of all group members, course title, and semester. – The analysis should not exceed 10 pages (including reference list and appendices, but excluding coversheet) – Double-spaced; Font size: 12; Font style: Times New Roman; Margins: 1 inch x 1 inch – Submit an MS Word file of the analysis, submission of a PDF file will result in a zero in the assignment – Apply various concepts from the textbook only – Use APA format for in-text citations and reference(s) – The analysis and peer evaluation are due by Tuesday, May 30th. Late submissions will not be accepted Analyze the case as follows, referring to the following steps:Step 1: Situation SummaryThis step should provide a brief summary of the case and its key features. It should be½ to ¾ of a page long. Step 2: Problem IdentificationThe second step in your written analysis is to explicitly identify the major problem in the case inone or two clear and precise sentences. One way to identify a problem is to compare somedesired state or objective with the actual situation. In order to define a problem there must besome type of standard for comparison. Possible standards include the organization’s statedobjectives or goals, objectives or goals of competing organizations, etc Step 3: Alternative SolutionsThis step involves developing alternative solutions and evaluating their contributions to resolvingthe problem(s) identified. The proposed alternatives should be consistent with the problem(s)and cause(s) identified. You should develop at least three possible alternatives. With eachalternative, list at least three advantages and at least three disadvantages– time constraints,feasibility, cost, contribution to meeting the organization’s objectives and possible negative sideeffects. Step 4: Recommendation (Select the Best Alternative)Indicate the alternative you have chosen to solve the problem. It is important to justify why youchose a particular solution and why it will best resolve the problems(s).Implementation StepsThis is where you develop an action plan to implement the alternative you have chosen. Youneed to specify what needs to be done, by whom, when, where and in what sequence. Identifyany difficulties that might be encountered, even if this is the best solution. Finally, you shouldindicate follow up procedures to monitor the implementation of your solution to ensure that theintended actions are taken and that the problem is corrected. Step 5: ConclusionThe conclusion should neatly and succinctly wrap up and should be 1/4-1/2 page in length. Based on Nkomo, S., Fottler, M., McAfee, R.B. & McQuarrie, F.A.E. (2007). Applications in Human Resource Management: Cases, Exercises and SkillBuilders (pp. xiv-xv). Scarborough: Thomson Nelson.

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