Categorization: Customers at My Workplace

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Categorization: Customers at mMy Workplace, Churchgoers, First Dates and Friends. Write a 750 word paper answering; &nbsp.The third category is the neutral customer, who has had a mixture of negative and positive experiences with products and comes forward to purchase a product somewhat reluctantly, prepared for a negative experience. The fourth category is the tolerating customer. This customer does not enjoy a product or service but only buys it out of necessity, hence they rarely talk positively about the product. The last category is the critical customer, who has mostly had so many negative experiences with products or services that s/he tries to sabotage the business by spreading negative feedback about products and services.While all churchgoers purportedly are religious, there is a wide range of difference in the manner in which they express their religious beliefs and they may be divided into four primary categories. One category is the evangelistic churchgoer, who is so involved with a religion that s/he insists on trying to convert everyone else. This person attends church with fanatical devotion and works hard to persuade or push others into religion and church as well. The next category of churchgoer is the Sunday churchgoer, who turns up at church regularly on Sundays but does not venture anywhere near the church the rest of the week. A third group is the big occasion churchgoer, or in other words, those who go to church only during Christmas or easter. Another category is the sporadic churchgoer, who is irregular and attends church sporadically. The last category is the rare churchgoer who only attends church once in a blue moon.A first date could initially be divided into two main categories, i.e, the rookie and the experienced person on a first date.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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