Causal analysis of poverty in eastern kentucky

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on a causal analysis of poverty in eastern kentucky. Considering that I grew up in the middle-class suburbs of the relatively prosperous middle-size city of Lexington, I underestimated the depth of the depravity that people experience in some of the eastern counties. This was until I had the first-hand experience with a few people who lived in Kentucky, who will help in my analysis of the causes and effects of poverty in the region.My first encounter was with Jane who is dependent on food stamps monthly for buying groceries, who has had to devise another method to ensure her family sets food on the table. Immediately after getting the stamps, she hurries to the supermarket and purchases vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products and meat. Like many mothers with low income in the area, Jane knows she has to buy these products using her food stamps because she sometimes supplements her grocery with non-perishables like pasta and canned food. However, Jane had lagged behind with her utility bill and one morning her power connection suffered interruption. Her struggles to persuade the power company to connect her met deaf ears. therefore, all the food in the refrigerator went stale and she threw it away. The life that Jane lived through that given month was horrible as she had no other source of food or income till the next food stamps monthly.On the other hand, Vivian a young girl who dreams one day to graduate from high school lives a peculiar life whereby, while her colleagues buy school dresses and arrange for parties, she struggles to look after her younger brothers and sisters. As other families make college selections, hers is to select between medical care and welfare. Her father is a truck driver and that means she has to assume the role of family caretaker. Although the family is not homeless, they have only $140 each month to purchase food.&nbsp.

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