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Cause and effect: capital punishment 

Cause and effecttopic: capital punishment  PRINCIPLES OF THE ESSAY(5 PARAGRAPHS)Introduction. hook, briefly describe topic, thesis statement, bridge transition(8 sentences). body(3 paragraphs) conclusion . answer de introduction ImportantEssay must be typed in APA format  A cluster is required The thesis can never be a question  APA format  Front size 12  Font type: Times New Roman Margins 1 inch  Every paragraph must be indented by 5 spaces  Every page must have a page number . (plane number) in the right side  Title of the assignment must be centered  Space between lines 1.15  No contractions can be used  No special fonts can be used (Exp BOLD) Indent first line of every paragraph. 5 spaces  REFERENCE PAGES  The cluster is without page number.LEFT PART( FIRST PAGE)Valeria OlivaresEAP1685Professor Perez October 7, 2019  (2 SPACES)Then the title in the center The references must be like the image but with the real page references .this essay must be have a cluster in the last part without page number

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